At The Hope Movement we believe Jesus is the answer to a life needing healing and wholeness. We also realize that women recovering from an addictive lifestyle need practical application of biblical teachings as well as coaching in day-to-day life skills as they prepare to return to the community as independent, productive women following Jesus.

Life Training

The life training we offer is based on God’s Word – the Bible. We offer participants a chance to start over, learn how to live following Jesus, and find freedom through a restored purpose and eternal hope. We do this through a variety of classes, individual study, personal mentoring, Christian counseling, and involvement in the community.


The mission of the Hope Movement is to help women move forward from an addictive lifestyle to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus as they discover abundant life through Christ (John 10:10). The Hope Movement recognizes and assists in providing such needs as a safe living environment, skills for gainful employment, life-skills training, and Christ-centered counseling, with discipleship training to empower participants as they follow Jesus as the core of the Hope Movement.


For information about becoming a participant or volunteer, or to make a donation, please contact The Hope Movement. Gifts are tax-deductible.