Amy's Life Story

My name is Amy, and I am a beautiful daughter of OurLord and Savior. I am 30 years old, and because of God’s Amazing Grace, I willcelebrate 4 years clean in February 2016. Born to two very dysfunctionaladdicts and alcoholics, I started using drugs at the age of 12, because thatwas my normal. I grew up thinking the only way to have fun and have people careabout me was to get high and act out. That thinking led to me getting pregnantat age 14 and again at age 17.

I loved being a mom, and I did my best to be great atit, but unfortunately, the chaotic lifestyle of drugs and alcohol were far toonormal to me. Getting high at any cost soon became my priority. Children anddreams were stolen. Lost and broken and feeling totally abandoned by God, Ibegged for Him just to let me die. However, He had other plans for my life!Hallelujah!!

I never thought waking up again in a jail cell wouldbe the greatest thing that could happen to me, but it was. I had been to otherrehabs in the past, but none had ever “worked”. This one was different though.This one was Christ-centered. I was about 90 days in when something justhappened. I had a feeling that was deeper and higher than any other experiencethat I had ever had. At that point, I knew that I was His, and He was mine. Itruly felt His Love for the first time, and I could not get enough.

I was scared when my 6 months at rehab was up. I hadnowhere to go. I had no job and no money. I had nothing except my two childrenthat were depending on me. I did not want to fall back to the same old life,but that was the only life I knew. Life with Jesus seemed great, but it was sobrand new. I knew that I needed more help in following Him for the rest of mylife.

I prayed hard and put my trust in Him, and for thefirst time in my life, I admitted that I was scared and needed more help. Thenext thing I knew, I was having pizza with the Judge and meeting Pastor Gregand Kristi Bearss and a few others of the LakePointe team. There was no HopeMovement at this time, but there was a strong desire to help struggling womenlike myself. I left that meeting unsure of what was going to happen, but I knewfor sure this was from God.

A week later, my children and I went to live withPastor Josh and Jenny Woodrow, who was interning at LakePointe. They had onlybeen in town for a month or two, and they wanted me. I cannot express thefeeling of being wanted, without someone wanting something back from me. Duringmy stay with them, I got a job, did financial planning, parenting classes, hadChristian counseling, and attended other meetings too. It was very, very busy,but I learned a lot. Most of what I learned was inside the host parent’s homethough. It was a healthy mix of church life, marriage, raising kids, work, andpets. They showed me what genuine love really looks like and how to live lifeon life’s terms. Life today is great. I am so in love with Jesus, and I see himworking in my life every day. I am the mom I have always wanted to be, which istotally present and involved in my kids’ lives, whether it is a football game,a band concert, or just movie night in our pj’s, I am able to give them thelove and attention they need and deserve. I have the same job, and I amadvancing my skills regularly. I have wonderful relationships with my familyand my family of families at LakePointe.

In the last few years, I have also had many heartbreaks, which included the death of my mother and separation from my husband.However, through it all, God has been there and so have the members ofLakePointe and The Hope Movement. I am forever grateful to my King and the HopeMovement ministry, and I look forward to helping many other women yet to come.

Jami's Life Story

My name is Jami, and I am 26 years old and have been saved by the Grace of God, and the people he placed in my life. The Hope Movement was the stepping stone, or the solid rock, that the Lord placed my feet upon, after he delivered me from addiction, after my third time through a rehab program. I was at Potter’s Clay and found my life when I surrendered to God on January 4, 2013, which was the day that my third son turned one year's old. I had been running from God for eight months, and I cried out to God in surrender, and my prayer was answered in the most divine way that only the Holy Father could do! 

Since then, almost three years later, I had my fourth child, a little girl, and I have two of my three boys back. I have gotten engaged, and life is fabulous, I have been clean for three years! I have no contact with my third son, because of my actions, so I still suffer the consequences of my addiction. However, I am a daughter of the ONE TRUE KING. I am blameless, forgiven, and redeemed, but most of all, I am a new creation! If I had not received the aftercare and guidance from The Hope Movement, I can honestly say that I probably would not be where I am today. I needed guidance beyond getting clean. I needed spirituality. I needed to learn how to be financially responsible. I needed to love like Jesus does and learn how to live a normal life, but let me reiterate, not a perfect life, for I do not walk on water. I am perfectly flawed and loved unconditionally by The Lord, but also by my Hope Movement family too. 

My host family was amazing, and I will be forever grateful for the belief, the chance, and the love that was given to me. I am, for the first time in my life, truly happy and know the meaning of love, and the life that I want, not only for my children, but for me as well! I went from sticking needles in my arm to being a productive member of society, and someone can look at me now never know that I used to be a drug addict. 

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